Saying Goodbye


Humane Euthanasia

Ramsey Animal Hospital offers in-clinic euthanasia services when it is time to say goodbye to your companion.  

You will need to make an appointment for this service and you have the option of staying in the room while the procedure is preformed, you can wait in the lobby, or drop off services are an option.  

However, it is our suggestion that you stay with your pet, as they are often scared and confused.  

Your presence will offer comfort in their final moments.  



You can chose to have your loved-one cremated individually and their ashes returned in your choice of containers and Urns.  It takes about a week for the ashes to be returned. 

You can see the urn selection by clicking the button below.  You are able to download the catalog to your computer via PDF.

 You can also choose not to have them returned.  

Urn Catalog

Home Burial

Should you choose to take your pet home, you are able to do so.  

We will place your pet in a burial box for transport*.

*Providing we have your pets size on hand.

In-Home Euthanasia

Should you wish to say goodbye at home, there are a few service providers independent of Ramsey Animal Hospital you can contact.

MNpets: Gentle end of life care at home*

Pet Loss At Home: Private Pet Euthanasia in the comfort of home*

*Ramsey Animal Hospital does not endorse or promote either of these businesses, we only provide their information as a service to our clients.